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The following recordings are my personal songs. I would classify them as Rock or Blues-Rock. These recordings were made using my home digital audio workstation (DAW) with ProTools I sang and played all the parts myself, but since I'm not a drummer, I used EZ Drummer/Superior Drummer to program the drum parts.

Since my recordings are home produced demos and not produced by a professional recording/mastering studio they sound best through hifi/stereo (big) speakers and headphones/earbuds. They won't sound so great through those tiny speakers in your laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc.

All lyrics and music © 2014 Tom Lukas

Momma Told Me

Going Back to Eden

Two Dogs Howling

Night Bird

Heartache's Reign

Bad Connection

Stranger at Your Door

Early Again

Dreamers Airlines


Note: These are MP3 files. Your computer will download the file in a few minutes (faster with broadband connections). It will then open your music player and play the music.

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