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The following recordings are my personal songs. I would classify them as Rock or Blues-Rock. These recordings were made using my home digital audio workstation (DAW) with ProTools I sang and played all the parts myself, but since I'm not a drummer, I used EZ Drummer/Superior Drummer to program the drum parts.

Since my recordings are home produced demos and not produced by a professional recording/mastering studio they sound best through hifi/stereo (big) speakers and headphones/earbuds. They won't sound so great through those tiny speakers in your laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc.

All lyrics and music © 2014 Tom Lukas

Momma Told Me

Going Back to Eden

Test of Love

Two Dogs Howling

Bad Connection

Heartache's Reign

Stranger at Your Door

Early Again

Dreamers Airlines

Night Bird

Note: These are MP3 files. Your computer will download the file in a few minutes (faster with broadband connections). It will then open your music player and play the music.

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